Take a virtual tour inside Sanident

… clicking in the window a few lines down, you will see a video shot entirely in the Sanident clinic in via Settembrini 6 in Milan, created for you patients, broadcast in the September and October 2012 programming on the SKY TV networks and available for broadcast on the web through the SANIDENT and YOUTUBE website.

Thanks to the participation of Sanident patients, employees and doctors who have lent themselves with their image for the filming of the movie, you will be able to go over some aspects of the 10 hours of a typical day in the dental division in less than 1 minute. You can enter the structure, meet the Sanident staff as in reality. It will be like a preview of your actual visit when you decide to come to us for your check-up.

You will see with your eyes and then touch the welcome that we reserve for patients, the refined and clean environments, the colors and the relaxing music of the waiting room, you will notice the attention we put on understanding the needs and desires of those who wants to find the smile again, then the accurate medical diagnosis thanks to the Sanident protocol and to the constantly updated expert dentists, the innovative digital radiological instruments, the attention in the performance of the treatments, the technology of the instruments and the materials used, the programming of the most important interventions , the internal surgical room dedicated to implantology and regenerative surgery used with mastery by a staff of excellent surgeons and anesthesiologist specialists with more than 1,000 dental implants each year, microbiological research and testing, staff training , the sterilization process, some phases of the precious work carried out every day by the San team ident that in Milan in via Settembrini relies on the collaboration of more than 50 people including implant and regenerative surgery specialists, specialists in invisible and traditional orthodontics, specialists in radiology, anesthesiologist specialists, dentists, occupational physicians, dental hygienists, employees of various departments (telephone and web assistants, receptionists, dental consultants, dental assistants, sterilization and sanitation process assistants, CAD-CAM technicians, dental laboratory technicians). And from July 2013 also Polispecialistico Center with the collaboration of specialists of the new divisions of diagnostic imaging, vascular surgery, cardiology, dermatology, gynecology and senology, urology, orthopedics. All professionals prepared and attentive and always to the Vs. service.


On 24 January 2014 was broadcast on SKY UNO the second episode of Reality “The Apprentice” with Flavio Briatore.
Candidate aspiring managers visited the Sanident Clinic divided into two different teams
Below is the video link (click on the image to open the link) starting from minute 4:01.

The Apprentice

A.I.R.O. and Tg1 Oxygen-Ozone Therapy: the President of A.I.R.O. Prof. Dario Apuzzo, guest of TG1 Medicine, Oxygen-Ozone Therapy and the International Academy for Research in Oxygen-Ozone Therapy.