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Celiac disease: here’s how the dentist can diagnose it

celiac disease tooth damage

According to the latest report of the Ministry of Health on celiac disease, Italy at December 31, 2015 has 182,858 diagnosed cases, almost 11,000 more than in 2014. A pathology that has multiple consequences for the well-being of the organism, often difficult to diagnose, the state of health of the oral cavity could however be the first alarm bell for the evidence of celiac disease.

What is celiac disease and when does it occur?

Celiac disease is a disease that causes inflammation of the small intestine. Following inflammation, the intestinal villi flatten out to become completely atrophic and cause malabsorption of nutrients. The trigger is an intolerance to a particular gluten protein element: gliadin.

It can occur during childhood, in the weaning phase, precisely following the introduction of gluten into the food diet. Failure to diagnose quickly leads to malnutrition problems for children, with direct consequences on growth. Celiac disease can also remain silent and be diagnosed in adulthood, as it often happens.

Symptoms of celiac disease

The symptoms of celiac disease are typical of nutrient malabsorption:

  • diarrhea
  • lack of appetite
  • abdominal pain
  • irritability
  • weight loss
  • muscle weakness
  • iron deficiency
  • disfunzioni epatiche

Oral: here are the spies of a possible celiac disease

The dentist, especially with many years of proven experience, can identify, from particular conditions of the oral cavity, the presence of other types of pathologies, including celiac disease.

In fact, the dentist could detect changes in the soft tissue and enamel level inside the mouth.

In children, celiac disease could lead to dysfunction in the eruption of the first teeth or it is possible that the conditions for hypomineralization of the enamel may occur. cosmetic celiac disease

Even in adults celiac disease poses problems at the level of the enamel structure. In particular in a celiac subject the following imperfections on the surface of the teeth could be highlighted:

  • yellowish spots on the teeth;
  • stripes on the surface of the enamel;
  • translucent enamel.

As regards instead the evident symptoms at soft tissue level, to suspect the dentist on the possible presence of celiac disease are:

  • presence of canker sores;
  • ulcerative lesions in the oral cavity;
  • atrophic stomatitis;
  • prolonged dry mouth.

Following the identification by the dentist of possible symptoms related to celiac disease, the specific tests to be performed to confirm the diagnosis will be indicated: blood analysis, breath test, stool examination and probably a duodenal biopsy.

The main intervention intervention for this particular pathology will certainly be the exclusion of gluten from one’s diet. With an adequate food plan, the symptoms related to the soft tissues of the oral cavity will gradually disappear, without particular complications or consequences for the health of the mouth.

The damage instead related to the enamel of the teeth, despite the start of a gluten-free food plan, cannot be completely removed, the imperfections on the surface of the teeth cannot in fact regress. In these cases, cosmetic dentistry can help with treating the imperfections associated with alterations of the enamel. To find well-being in all its aspects.

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