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Aesthetics of the face and teeth: how to regain well-being

Taking care of the aesthetics of the face and teeth is a device that restores a renewed well-being to the whole body. The treatments dedicated to smile and facial skin rejuvenation are now accessible to everyone, are not invasive and require short therapy times. The results, however, are immediately visible: a younger face and a shining smile.

Aesthetics of the face and teeth: which treatments improve our appearance

Do not believe that the treatments dedicated to obtaining a beautiful smile and those dedicated to facial rejuvenation are for the exclusive use of VIPs.

Innovative techniques in the field of cosmetic dentistry and modern skin treatments allow anyone to combine aesthetic functional rehabilitation with functional tooth rehabilitation, for better psychophysical well-being.

Among the treatments capable of significantly rejuvenating the appearance of the face are:

  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Application of aesthetic veneers
  • Monopolar capacitive radio frequency
  • Oxygen therapy

Professional teeth whitening

cosmetic dentistryThe teeth whitening is a dental treatment that corrects the alteration of tooth color making them whiter.

Before proceeding with the treatment it is good that the patient undergoes a check-up, applying whitening products on pathologies in progress such as: caries, gingivitis, pyorrhea can be decidedly dangerous.

Once the patient’s suitability has been verified, the whitening session can be carried out. The gums are protected by applying a photo-polymerizable liquid dam on them.

Once the gums are protected, the whitening gel based on hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth, a substance that releases oxygen molecules capable of neutralizing the stains that dull our smile. To accelerate this reaction, the enamel is exposed to a light source (LED lamp), thus obtaining white teeth.

The bleaching session lasts 45 minutes on average.

Application of aesthetic veneers

Dental or aesthetic veneers are applied to correct color and shape imperfections. The aesthetic veneers are thin sheets, with a thickness of no more than 6 millimeters, in the latest generation of vitrified composite (exclusive patented Austrian product) or in ceramic that are applied to the front of the teeth.

Thanks to a personalized photo studio and customized simulation models, highly effective results are obtained, for a perfect smile.

Monopolar capacitive radio frequency

The monopolar capacitive radio frequency is similar to a natural biolifting and is based on the emission of high frequency radioelectric waves that exploit the thermal energy produced by the tissues themselves when they are hit by the waves.

The heat warms the collagen creating a relaxing action on the skin, generating the so-called lifting effect. A radiofrequency treatment gently reshapes the face, gives elasticity and firmness to the skin.

Oxygen therapy

To keep fit, all the tissues of our body need oxygen. In too polluted cities, the supply of oxygen may be lacking or of poor quality. Bad oxygenation of the tissues has immediate consequences on the appearance of our face: dull skin, roughness, lack of tone and brightness.

A oxygen therapy treatment it consists in inhaling pure oxygen. Oxygen has the function of stimulating microcirculation, eliminating toxins and regenerating collagen, thus giving the skin a new vitality.

The combination of these facial and teeth aesthetic treatments, all available at our center, have the ability to reduce age-related blemishes by intervening on surface damage.

After trying them, you will feel that you have never felt so good about yourself.

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