Movable teeth

Alarm bell: movable teeth

Do you feel something strange in your mouth? Do your teeth move? When it is mild, mobility can be physiological in nature, it becomes a wake-up call if it is more pronounced. In this article we will find out together what are the symptoms, causes and remedies of dental mobility. Read more


Wide teeth: causes and solutions

For the French they will also be lucky charms, “dents du porte-bonheur”, and a distinctive sign for the stars, the fact remains that the wide teeth and that beautiful “window” that looks at the world has always given you some problems. The space between two contiguous teeth is scientifically called diastema, do you know the causes and related disorders? Read this article and find out with us.

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Perfect teeth

Crooked teeth? Orthodontics solves the problem

The smile “lasts only an instant but its memory remains for a long time”. It is known that a smiling face, with perfect white teeth, is pleasing to the eye, communicates positivity and energy. On the contrary, imperfections, crooked teeth and imperfections, can limit the strength of a smile and provide a sense of embarrassment. Read more

Broken tooth

Broken teeth: the nightmare with the solution

In dreams it is a bad omen, in reality the broken tooth is bitter rival of the smile.
It can happen that, accidentally, a tooth breaks by taking a blow, falling on a bike or motorbike, even if you eat something very crispy you can risk chipping it. If the nightmare from the dream becomes reality Read more