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Summer, bad habits that can damage our teeth

Summer, as we know, is a season different from all the others. Especially when you go on vacation, in fact, you tend to change your daily habits and practice completely different lifestyles than usual. We tend to protect our skin from the sun, especially so we go to the beach, to lose a few pounds […]

Summer, here’s how to take care of your teeth on vacation

Finally here we are. August has arrived, the highlight of the summer has arrived. Many of you are already on vacation, others will go soon, others have already finished them and returned to the hard life of every day. The fact is that there is one thing you must never forget, even when your head […]

Bone atrophy is now no longer a taboo. Causes, remedies and solutions

bone atrophy zygomatic implantology

Unfortunately, suffering from bone atrophy is very common and often causes you to lose confidence and self-confidence, as well as significantly worsening your quality of life. But what is bone atrophy? Are there any suitable solutions? Is it possible to remedy this through implantology?

Access to care: an APP to detect caries in children

tooth decay

Early childhood caries (ECC) is the most common chronic childhood disease, with nearly 1.8 billion new cases annually worldwide. ECC predominantly affects low-income preschoolers, with detrimental short- and long-term effects on their health and quality of life.


Jaw that pops

Frequent migraines and headaches? Don’t be alarmed. It could simply be problems that gnathology can solve. But what is it about? Gnathology is a branch of dentistry that studies the physiology, pathology and functions of the jaw.

Dental implant health and oral piercings

There is no exact estimate of how many people we have a piercing within the oral cavity, but according to a 2012 study we are talking about 5.2% of the world population, the consequences on oral health could be many, but recently there has been much attention to the correlation between oral piercing and dental […]

Alteration of the oral mucosa and tobacco intake

When one thinks of smoking, one is led to think exclusively of smokers, but the intake of tobacco, whether in the form of combustion from a cigarette or by chewing, involves an alteration of the oral mucosa and other complications in terms of oral health.

Obesity and masticatory function

Obesity is a seriously widespread health problem in Western society with an ever increasing incidence on some physiological functions of individuals, in particular there is a strong correlation between obesity and masticatory function.

Removing tartar: effective procedures

One of the best actions to prevent periodontitis is the prevention and in particular the periodic removal of tartar. Removing tartar with a professional dental session helps the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of pathologies affecting the periodontal ligaments.